Why they are still using other launch system’s instead of SpaceX?

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It is really really awkward to me, that even when we know the math and how cheaper it is to launch a satellite today using SpaceX Falcon 9 system, that companies and governments continue to use old system’s. (i will not even mention the Falcon Heavy System, it will be even cheaper)

Ok, for foreign governments, they have the fact of using their money on their own solutions, to kept the knowledge and the technical teams they built, i know that.

But in the USA, EVERY new launch that i see using ULA (United Launch Alliance), i think: WHY? This is payed using tax payer’s money, why they are doing that? I also know: competition, old contract’s and so on….but i really want to see this changing in the near future… let the most capable, win’s. American voter’s, need to pressure congress to restrict this companies lobbyist and let the new guy’s to demonstrate what they can do.

Also, when i see companies, buying this old and more expensive system’s to do their launch’s, i can only think in old contract’s and i expect to see a considerable raise on contract’s from the private sector.

Just some facts:

Launch price into a single per launch “unit cost.” for Fiscal Year 2018: USD 422 million (ULA (United Launch Alliance))

Launch price into a single per launch “unit cost.” for Fiscal Year 2020: USD 424 million (ULA (United Launch Alliance))

…it is getting expensier!

Single launch using a SpaceX Falcon 9 system’s: USD 65 million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s spread this information…. everybody need’s to know this.





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