Space Solar Arrays

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It is not a new idea, but to generate energy in space with solar arrays may be now possible to SpaceX.

The constraints always were the cost of bring the necessary equipment into space…Thank’s do SpaceX, the cost now it is significantly lower and it is dropping (BFR).

The advantages of generating energy in space are huge…. 55 to 60% of sun energy is lost in ground based solar panel, through the reflection and absorption and of course it would not be needed to use larges areas with solar panels.

The energy would them be beamed back to earth wiressly using microwaves.

I think this technology would not be used for home energy, we have SolarCity for that…but for industrial activities, it would be great. the problem that humanity needs to solve, is energy. With unlimited energy we can do anything, end the hunger, wars and etc.





  1. Some questions: What are the efficiency losses when transmitting the microwaves back to earth? How stable are the geosynchronous orbits? What about birds or aircraft flying through the beams; people inhabiting or working near the beams at the collection point? Perhaps Elon could buy the Kerguelen Islands from the French? Of course, further energy transfer from there would be more lossy. Admittedly surface conversion has its own inefficiencies. But there are so many untapped square miles, much of it in deserts, where solar can expand. I have a feeling that there should be some well-known general law that takes into account that when you add up all the factors from divergent methodologies, and their +/- impacts, nature would tend toward a net zero in the end. We’ve all seen this phenomenon, whether it be in the argument against fuel ethanol from corn, or the lithium battery paradox. Producing an electric vehicle contributes, on average, twice as much to global warming potential and uses double the amount of energy than producing a combustion engine car.
    Once all the global transmission infrastructure from any fairly remote location is established, move to fusion. Mine the moon for Helium3. Well, that’s another topic.

    Hello Rodrigo,
    Interesting website, just learned of it this morning. So it’s a compendium, a “reader’s digest” of technology links with a potential relation to SpaceX. I see external links as well as multidimensional editorial on Youtube. That’s thoroughly 2018 and not entirely what I expected. But making Youtube vids isn’t everybody’s wheelhouse, so would you consider adding a very one-dimensional written message board? Also, are you open to direct online contact?
    Thanks – jr

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